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Freelance Writer about Leadership, Personal Development, Business & Marketing. Lover of humans. Work ethic & Enthusiasm. Let’s make life a little happier.

Effective content no longer means (only) expertise.

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If you ask any content writer, they’ll probably tell you to write your content conversationally, as you’d talk to a friend.

This method started years ago, when was still the copy that would enchant every business owner. You had to show off your expert knowledge, but in a more accessible manner — wouldn’t want to bore the audience with heavy language, right?

While friendly, conversational content is certainly a good idea, I use a different method — and it made me a much more impactful writer.

It’s easy to miss the point in the beginning.

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I set myself up for failure way before starting my freelance writing business.

Growing up in a country where my parents had to hustle up to 12 hours/day to make ends meet really took a toll on me. I’ve been watching them get more and more exhausted every day for 22 years.

So, in 2020, after experiencing terrible fear of potentially losing my parents to a dangerous virus, I set a crucial goal for myself:

Make enough money to retire them as soon as possible.

This sentence shows all that was wrong with my mindset back then.

However, I can’t…

I nearly regretted taking this risk — until it paid off

A woman stands in a field with her head in her hands.
A woman stands in a field with her head in her hands.
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I write a lot about disrupting traditional “professional” systems by embracing kindness, empathy, and vulnerability.

But this time, I was terrified I made a huge mistake.


1. Honesty Built Relationships

If there’s something I hate more than meaningless comments, it’s inauthentic, dry, cold DMing.

I mean, don’t get me wrong — I love a good cold message, but when it comes to social media, especially Instagram, the level of audacity is off the charts.


Catch them early to move ahead.

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This story is truly one that many of you, new business owners, will relate to. Why? Ultimately, because we’re all innocent, scared humans — of failure, of rejection, of the unknown. That’s also what makes it a hell of a ride.

I legally registered my freelance writing business thinking I’d nail it. Heck, I even considered myself a special kind of badass.

my mind was telling me in utter oblivion.

Anyway, once I officially started, there was no going back.

Look, I consider myself at least…

The 4 levels of every collaboration and how to make them work for you

Humans are exceptionally weird, contradictive beings.

We live in so many paradoxes, especially in business.

  • Be yourself!
  • Build relationships!
  • Show your personality, it’ll help you stand out!

Every business guru will tell you that you have to change the way you do business in 2021, especially regarding human interactions. People are tired of standardized, dry, boring conversations.

But gurus also tell you how to do it

For many months at the start of my business, I’ve felt so overwhelmed by…

And I honestly don’t know how to get out of it.

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Every business guru/coach will tell you this.

One of the best sales moves you’re ever going to make is building relationships with your leads.

Follow each other on social media, like & comment on their content, watch their IG stories, react with something meaningful, strike up a conversation, ask them about their life & business…

Everybody’s tired of the used car salesperson trying to cold pitch us into buying their product, so we’re approaching pitching differently — which I admire and respect. It’s beautiful.

But where does that leave interactions?

I DM’d a coach I resonated with… And this happened.

She’s in the astrology &…

The Monday IG stories all talked about the same thing.

You don’t know what social media does to you until you move away from it for a little while.

The Monday this happened was a super weird one.

I had already spent my entire weekend on social media, on and off. During my binging, I noticed that many people I follow (mostly coaches, because I love them) announced that they wouldn’t show up on IG stories for the weekend.

Fair enough, I probably should’ve done the same. I can certainly see where they’re coming from, and I fully support that.

4 of which nearly broke me…

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I’m gonna go against what every guru tells you and write this story as a journal entry. Coincidently, it’s still for you, my audience.

My story begins not too long ago, with a big dream and the conviction I can make it happen: becoming a successful freelance copywriter.

Everybody constantly talks about how easy it is to find clients because it’s in such high demand — every business needs copywriting to survive and thrive. On top of that, content writing is becoming more and more important — blog posts, website content, social media content.

Binge-watching remote jobs videos on YouTube finally did it for me.

Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

What a generic beginning of a story, right?

But it’s true.

Stuck in quarantine with COVID-19 for over a week now, I was looking up opportunities to work remotely. I needed some extra cash, like a side hustle. I was not expecting to find my ultimate calling.

I stumbled upon an ordinary video of a girl who’s traveling the world, having her own business. She talked about 6 remote jobs that you can do. …

I’m gonna show you exactly how your joy & pain can help you attract customers to your business AND make them stay for more.

Storytelling is here to stay. Here’s why and how it can help you:

We all know storytelling will only become more trendy in the years to come. People are tired of old tricks, manipulation, and dry sales texts.

Especially in the time of COVID, people are looking for substance. They are spending time in their house more than ever — so, they are looking to escape, even if mentally. They are searching for something to .


Julia Iurean

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